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Due to illness Catnaps is now permanently closed, we apologise for any inconvenience.

I established Catnaps Farmstay Cattery at my home in 2004, shortly after moving back to the Wanganui area (where I grew up) and wanting to create a home-based business involving something I was passionate about. I have a life-long love of cats and have had my own companion cats all my life.
Robyn Blackett

Manager, Catnaps Farmstay Cattery

The Cattery

Catnaps Farmstay Cattery is situated on my 1.7 hectare small farm in a peaceful rural setting only 12km northwest of Wanganui (10-15 minutes’ drive) and has no dogs. Each cat has its own individual cage or there are larger cages for cats from one family who would prefer to stay together with freedom during the day to leave the cages if and when they choose. Each cage includes bedding, food bowls and litter tray with ad lib communal daytime access to enclosed and protected inside and outside areas for exercise, play and napping. Your cat will get lots of loving care and attention with toys, scratching posts, beds and plenty of places to climb, play, snooze or just lie in the sun.

All bedding, feeding bowls and litter trays are provided but you are welcome to bring your cat’s own clean bedding. Electric heat pads are also available for older cats who feel the cold. Please deliver your cat in a secure cage and line the bottom of the cage with absorbent material in case of accidents during transport. The cage will be labelled and stored for the stay.

In order to minimise the stress they will already be experiencing having to adapt to a new environment, I like to feed the cats what they normally receive from you. However, if your cat has a special diet, please bring sufficient food for their entire stay. If you or your cat are not fussy about their diet, I stock a variety of brands/flavours of dry and wet food. I usually feed Friskies™ dry food and Whiskas™ wet food unless you (or your cat) have other preferences.

Medication can also be administered if required and instructions are to be provided by you/your vet. All cats will be required to have current vaccinations against both Feline Infectious Enteritis and Feline Respiratory Disease which must have been administered at least 10 days prior to admission – vaccination certificates need to be sighted. As it is a communal cattery, it is preferable that your cat is speyed or neutered and has had recent flea and worm treatments.


Rates per night (dinner, bed & breakfast) GST inclusive:

1 cat: $10.00
2 cats: $17.00
Each additional cat: $6.00
  • Discounts for long stays (more than 21 nights)
  • Delivery/pickup times by individual arrangement – I don’t have specific opening hours
  • Pickup and delivery service available (40 cents per km)
  • Payment by cash, cheque or internet banking – no EFTPOS or credit card facilities

Please do not feed your cat/s just before bringing them to the cattery. They can be stressed with car travel and are best delivered on an empty stomach. I will feed them on arrival.

You are welcome to inspect the cattery before you make a booking. Please phone to arrange a suitable date/time.

You can also visit your cat during its stay with me. Please phone to arrange a suitable date/time.